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Oscor 5000E Counter Measures Receiver
The OSCOR 5000E is a complete eavesdropping detection package that is the first choice for more than one hundred governments around the world. Having various operational modes, one of which will sweep from 10KHz to 1.5GHz in just four seconds, the Oscor 5000 is the most advanced Counter Measures Receiver in the world.

Orion Non Linear Junction Detector
Weighing just 1.5KG’s the ORION is the most advanced Non Linear Junction Detector available. Extending to almost 130cms with a set up time of under 15 seconds, the ORION’s advanced features include a full colour head-up display, frequency hopping mode, advanced digital signal processing algorithms, manual/automatic power control from 14milliwatts to 1.4 watts, wireless headphones etc.

Talan Digital Telephone Line Analyser
Here are just some of the features of this outstanding new product:

  • Digital Demodulation to confirm that the telephone line is not passing audio (demodulation code is upgradable for new phone systems, expected to cover 80% of world’s PBX/ACD phone systems).
  • Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) similar to TDR to check for taps on the line
  • NLJD Line Trace Probe for verifying electronic taps and tracing wires to locate electronics.
  • Audio Oscilloscope with active input (20Hz to 20KHz).
  • High Gain Audio Amplifier (20Hz to 20KHz).
  • Digital Multimeter tests voltage, current, resistance & capacitance.
  • Bias Generator +-80 VDC, direct digital control to use with Audio Amplifier, NLJD, and FDR.
  • Automatic Internal Pair switching automatically performs tests on all pair combinations.
  • Base-band and composite video detect and capture checks for video on lines
  • RF Broadband Detector tests lines for RF up to 8GHz.
  • Multi-Test Database System performs multiple tests at once, on all pair combinations, storing data in a database for comparison against other lines and historical comparison.

International Procurement Services (Overseas) Ltd have more than eighteen years experience in supplying electronic counter measures equipment to law enforcement, special forces and corporate clients both in the UK and worldwide.

For the past twelve years IPS have been the leading International export distributors for Research Electronics International, manufacturers of both the OSCOR 5000 Counter Measures Receiver and the ORION NJE-4000 Non Linear Junction Detector in use with more than one hundred governments around the world many of whom have been trained in ECM procedures by IPS engineers.

The outstanding TALAN Digital Telephone Line Analyser is the very latest addition to the range thus completing the three essential tools required to carry out a comprehensive, professional ECM investigation.

International Procurement Services and REI clients have the security of dealing with the world’s largest manufacturer of professional ECM equipment with a reputation for customer commitment bar none.  With this in mind IPS endeavour to give a 24/7 response.  This is not a contractual responsibility on our part, more a way of explaining our competitors work 9 to 5, five days a week, whereas 90% of the time you will get a response from IPS regardless of the time or day.

With a team of nearly sixty full time employees, all REI equipment is designed and manufactured in-house.

Using the complete range of Research Electronics equipment, IPS maintain a fully operational sweep team which is able to respond on a 24 hour basis to most countries around the world. Please contact us for further information.


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