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Boeing KC-767 Tanker Transfers Fuel for First Time

Boeing successfully transferred fuel for the first time Oct. 23 from its KC-767 Tanker advanced boom to a simulated receiver on the ground.

Through a series of tests at the Boeing Integrated Defense Systems facility in Wichita, Kan., boom operators on-board the aircraft used the aerial refueling systems to offload fuel from the new tanker to an aircraft receptacle on the ground. Fuel flow, delivery and surge pressure all were measured while the fuel was pumped to nearby trucks.

"The KC-767 aerial refueling systems exceeded our expectations during these initial ground tests, and we're on track to deliver fuel to various aircraft receivers during flight in the near future," said Mark McGraw, Boeing vice president for Tanker Programs. "The tests also show future customers, like the U.S. Air Force, that Boeing will deliver a proven boom and refueling system for their KC-X Tanker."

Surpassing 400 flight hours recently, the KC-767 Tanker also has extended the boom's telescoping tube while in-flight. The advanced boom will be able to transfer 900 gallons (3,400 liters) of fuel per minute to receiver aircraft, provide more responsive controls to the operator and has 2,600 fewer parts than previous booms.

Boeing has delivered nearly 2,000 tankers in its history and is building tankers for Italy and Japan, with delivery to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force in February 2007, followed by delivery to Italy in mid-2007. In addition to flight-testing the KC-767 for international customers, Boeing is competing for a contract to build the U.S. Air Force's next-generation tanker aircraft.

The KC-767 Global Tanker is a fuel-efficient, long-range aircraft specifically sized for diverse air-refueling; cargo, troop and passenger transport; and aeromedical evacuation missions.

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