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GKN Aerospace delivers the first Merlin On-board Maintenance Platform for the RN Type 45 Destroyer

GKN Aerospace has recently delivered the first Maintenance Platform for the RN Type 45 Destroyer, to BAE SYSTEMS Surface Fleet Solutions (SFS). This platform will enable safe access to the Merlin helicopter for essential maintenance of the aircraft's engines and rotor head when embarked.

GKN Aerospace is contracted to supply 6 platforms. The remaining 5 ship sets will be delivered in the coming months, in a contract valued at $1m.

Tony Gray, Business Development Manager from GKN Aerospace Engineering Services (GKNAES) explains: "GKNAES was contracted by BAE SYSTEMS (SFS) to undertake a conceptual design study on this task approximately 4 years ago as part of a much wider scope of activity being undertaken on the Type 45 programme. In the late summer of 2006, we were approached again by BAE SYSTEMS to complete the design and CAD modelling together with the fabrication, testing and manufacture of the complete platform assembly. Working closely with our sister company, GKN Aerospace Structures-Yeovil, our supplier, SFM Technology Ltd and our customer, BAE SYSTEMS, we completed the design and delivered the first platform to the shipyard in Glasgow within 6 months."

The maintenance platform fits the space available on the Type 45 whilst meeting both the safety loading and reliability and maintainability requirements specified. The design makes clever use both of materials and technology, providing an innovative slider mechanism that ensures the platform can be adjusted and extended by a singe operator during maintenance - a key requirement from the operator end user. The result is a highly adaptable, extremely rugged, easily deployable and very low maintenance platform.

Chris Jones, Director and General Manager at GKNAES adds: "GKNAES has key objectives in the marine sector and the success of our performance on this contract will help strengthen our profile within that sector, both with the Aircraft Carrier Alliance on the CVF project and with our other important marine customers such as BAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions, Babcock Design and Technology, Thales Naval Ltd and VT Shipbuilding."

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