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GKN Aerospace exhibits new side blast protection at Security Essen, 2008.

See us on booth 6.0/216 at Security Essen, 7 - 10 October

Among the products on display at Security Essen this month, GKN Aerospace is exhibiting developments in transparent armour which provide critical protection from side blast impact whilst retaining all conventional ballistic protection levels. Early production examples of these systems are now entering service with governments and aid agencies internationally.

In the modern theatre of operations, providing protection from the destructive effect of side blast shock waves - often resulting from improvised roadside bombs - is of real concern. An armoured vehicle's damaged windscreens and windows are vulnerable to being forced from the armour systems by these blasts, leaving the occupants exposed to subsequent ballistic attack. These new transparent armour systems work with the vehicle's opaque armour, offering protection from pressure impact on the windscreen or armoured door windows and ensuring these are retained in the vehicle and continue to provide protection to the occupants.

The new windscreen system employs high tensile material laminated into its curved perimeter. This prevents the windscreen, although fractured, from being forced into the vehicle or blown outwards by the blast.

The window within the armoured door is given additional explosive blast resistance through a new steel frame assembled around the curved door glass laminate surface. This frame ensures that the fractured laminate remains within the armour system to protect from secondary attack.

The technology used by GKN Aerospace engineers to develop this new protection draws directly on the Company's market leading aircraft windscreens and cockpit transparencies.
These equip many thousands of commercial and military aircraft and are installed on all the leading military and civil aircraft programmes.

GKN Aerospace has more than 25 years of experience in the design and development of bullet resistant glazing and supports manufacturers of armoured vehicles for Government and Security Services around the world. The Company also provides comprehensive aftermarket support and spares demand for vehicles operating with agencies via a highly effective logistics network.

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