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GKN Aerospace gains first development contract for 'smart shaded' bullet resistant windows - from the US Department of Defense.

GKN Aerospace has been awarded a USD 425,000 contract by the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) of the United States Department of Defense to develop instantly dimmable bullet resistant windows.

The development programme will combine GKN Aerospace's bullet resistant glazing expertise with 'suspended particle device' (SPD-SmartGlass) technology from Research Frontiers Inc.

GKN Aerospace is licensed by Research Frontiers to use SPD-Smart technology to develop armoured glass products that will also offer vehicle occupants instant 'on-demand' light control and attenuation, privacy, and protection from heat, glare, and ultraviolet (UV) light penetration.

Dr William Fischer, Vice President of Technology, GKN Aerospace, comments:
"This new development will have its initial application in the global counter-terrorism market for government VIP Armoured Personnel Vehicles but also has real value in the civilian VIP market. These 'SmartShade' windows will give a level of control, protection and privacy for vehicle occupants not available until now."

The programme will address three distinct technical objectives. The first will be to develop and refine a manufacturing process, which will enable SPD-SmartGlassTM technology to be effectively incorporated into armoured windows. The second will ensure these new windows perform effectively in a range of extreme environmental conditions, and the third will be to satisfy stringent ballistic testing performance requirements against a variety of urban threats. Dr Fischer continues: "We have exhibited our SPD-Smart bullet resistant glazings at trade shows and directly to branches of the military and government agencies, all of whom have expressed strong interest in the potential benefits of smart window technology. We look forward to progressing and refining the work that our team has already achieved with this CTTSO contract."

GKN Aerospace is exhibiting at DSEI, London, Sept 8 - 11, 2009 (Stand 791-UK Pavilion) and at AUSA, Washington DC, 5 - 7October 2009.

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