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Smiths Detection Provides Handheld Explosives Detectors to Protect Pittsburgh Marathon

SABRE 5000 Units Added Critical Portable Element to Layered Event Security

Smiths Detection has supplied the Pittsburgh UASI Urban Area Working Group with 15 SABRE 5000 handheld trace detectors, first used to help protect attendees and participants at the Pittsburgh Marathon on 5 May, 2013.

The SABRE 5000 is the smallest, lightest tri-mode handheld system available for detecting trace amounts of explosives, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals or narcotics. Its miniaturized detection technology is programmed to detect and identify over 40 threat substances in about 20 seconds, including common chemicals often used in Improvised Explosive Devices and Home-Made Explosives.

Raymond DeMichiei, Deputy Director for Emergency Management and Homeland Security for Pittsburgh, procured the devices using Federal UASI funding to improve security for the Pittsburgh Marathon, as a response to the Boston Marathon bombing. "The ability of the Sabre 5000 to detect explosive agents was critical to the layer defense we put into place post Boston; and it will be a permanent part of our security protocols moving forward throughout our Urban Area."

James Viscardi, Smiths Detection's Vice President, U.S. Critical Infrastructure & Emergency Response, said: "The SABRE 5000 is one of our leading solutions that provides a critical layer of security at major events. It can help security authorities identify even trace elements of explosives on suspicious persons or packages in just seconds, helping to enhance event safety."

The SABRE system is already widely used to help protect the world's critical infrastructures, ports and borders, transportation systems and military bases and now is increasingly offered by Smiths Detection for event security.

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