U.S Department of Homeland Security2015-06-05 13:08:09

S&T to Demonstrate Malware Detection Technologies

Many of us may have had experiences with an attempted cyberattack. Emails appearing to be from a friend or popular retailer could actually be criminals hoping to steal your social security number, email address, credit card numbers or intellectual property. When they happen to a company, these attacks can cost millions of dollars.

Through malware—short for "malicious software", these criminals have been responsible for data breaches across the country, leaving companies scrambling to shore up their cybersecurity defenses and prevent future attacks. The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Cyber Security Division (CSD) has made it a top priority to develop tools to prevent these malware attacks before they can do harm.

"Our aim is to work with our private sector partners to protect the nation's critical infrastructure systems and commercial marketplace," said S&T Cyber Security Division Director Douglas Maughan. "Showcasing and, most importantly, transitioning these technologies into the commercial market will be impactful to all organizations engaged in securing cyberspace and protecting various organizations such as government, public utilities and healthcare."

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