FEC Heliports Worldwide Ltd exhibit MIL-Star®: Portable tactical airfield lighting system with NVG compatible IR at Combat Helicopter Conference 2016

For the first time, FEC Heliports will be exhibiting at the Combat Helicopter Conference, in the Czech Republic, with their new dedicated military product, MIL-Star® Portable Lighting System.

The MIL-Star® portable tactical airfield lighting system is the upgraded military version of the popular HeliLight System. FEC Heliports portable helipad lighting systems have been operational in the field for over two years. They have been deployed on a global scale in the United Kingdom, the USA, Russia, Mozambique, Kenya, Japan, and are used by The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali, The Bangladeshi Army, and The Mexican and Philippine Navies.

MIL-Star® is a portable rechargeable LED lighting system which has been designed specifically for use by advancing military and security forces to provide safe and effective marking at designated or emergency helicopter landing zones. A versatile system that can be used in a wide range of applications including airstrips, refuelling or rearming areas, during search and rescue missions, as drop zone markers or as route markers or field marker lights.

MIL-Star® are pilot activation enabled and fitted with an 868 MHz (915 MHz in USA) UHF transceiver. Offering air to ground control each light or set of lights can be programmed, interrogated and controlled by wireless commands.

MIL-Star® can be switched on from the aircraft using an in case Mobile Lighting Controller transceiver operational via VHF at line of sight ranges in excess of 10km. MIL-Star® can be controlled remotely via a PC/Tablet with the USB-UHF transceiver.

MIL-Star® are rechargeable in their case via mains (at 100-240v AC), vehicle (13.5 - 28v DC), solar or wind power. Recharging time from fully exhausted to fully charged is just 3.5 hours. The run time differs from up to 18 hours set at "Steady" to up to 108 hours when set to "Flashing".

MIL-Star® is IP65 rated, fitted with a rubber soled stainless steel-base for stability, and has been successful tested at the Sikorsky Development Flight Center (DFC) in Florida for stability under the full rotor wash of a Chinook. A full case of MIL-Star® weighs just 10.6Kg.

MIL-Star® has FCC certification for operation in the USA and CE certification for the European Union. Both certifications are generally accepted worldwide.

Meet us at the Combat Helicopter Conference 2016, which will be held at the Prague Marriott Hotel, Czech Republic, from the 15th to 17th November, 2016.

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