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DSEi: CONTROP announces the delivery of iSea25HD Systems to A European Coast Guard 
CONTROP Precision Technologies announces the delivery of iSea25HD Systems to a European Coast Guard , thereby expanding its maritime activity in Europe, bringing operational value to border and coastal security and safety in the EU.
Together with a European partner, CONTROP has delivered successfully to the first of many programs to equip Coast Guard vessels with todays’ most advanced miniature maritime payload, the iSea25HD. The iSea25HD has the best of its class gyro stabilization, coupled with powerful continuous optical zoom in both day and thermal imager cameras and a laser range finder (LRF). 
The iSea25HD operates covertly at a safe distance from its targets, while maintaining “eyes on target” day and night, even in harsh weather conditions. The smooth HMI (Human Machine Interface) and the high performance make the iSea25HD a trusted companion in protecting the EU exposed Southern flank.
 “We are pleased to continue our cooperation with a strong European partner, which is responsible, among other things, for SAR activities in the area,” says Hagay Azani, president and CEO of CONTROP. “CONTROP facilitates an innovative technological solution covering both sea and land, day and night, and is proud to be playing a key role in contributing to the saving of lives.”    
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