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DSEi News: Stingray 7, Magnetic Connectors Optimsied for Body-Worn Applications
Amphenol Ltd are launching the new Stingray 7 magnetic connector series at DSEi 2021. The series is optimised for body-worn and quick disconnect applications and is aimed at First Responders, Security and Military personnel.
Designed to meet the requirements of DEF-STAN 23-012, Stingray 7 series offers compact, low profile, metal shelled connectors that withstand exposure to moisture, dust, dirt and chemicals.
The magnetic, non-keyed coupling system has no moving parts and allows the connector to be easily mated without the need for pre-alignment and eliminates the need to operate any mechanical coupling mechanisms. The magnetic technology allows the connector to quickly disconnect making it ideal for connection between non-tethered equipment, such as helmet to torso or connecting into a vehicle, and therefore protects users from potential injury due to cable snagging. 
Stingray 7 is supplied with a last-mate, first break ‘sense’ contact as standard. This can be used in conjunction with the system design to support ‘hot-swapping’ of circuits. It has also been optimised for USB 2.0 data transmission and provides a 90Ω USB data pair while all other contacts are rated at 5A allowing fast charging of batteries. 
The attachment of the connector ‘lid’ is common between connector genders meaning that either the female connector with annular rings or male connector with sprung contacts can be cable or equipment mounted. This provides a level of ‘keying’ in that two signals could safely be transmitted via two co-located Stingray connectors providing they are different genders. 
Stingray 7 features a modular system on the cable mount connectors that allows different mounting plates to be fitted to a common feature on the connector housing. The connector can be supplied with either Box-Mount or MOLLE loop versions but other options could be introduced on request. 
The connector is easily terminated and uses either solder or IDC terminals that do not require stripping of individual conductors. The cable shield can be terminated to the connector housing using standard products and tooling and Stingray 7 can also be supplied as an overmoulded cable harness.

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