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DSEi News: Bruker Launches the RAPIDplus (mod 4) to Answer the Need for Detecting Chemical Threats in Maritime Environments
Bruker have announced the launch of the novel RAPIDplus (mod 4) Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) based stand-off detector for Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC). RAPIDplus (mod 4) allows automated, 24/7 monitoring of chemical hazards at distances up to 5 km. It is specifically designed for maritime,  coastal, and shipboard environments which makes this instrument unique.
RAPIDplus (mod 4) is based on the field-proven FTIR technology used in the widely deployed RAPIDplus (mod 3). The instrument has been designed with advanced materials selected to withstand harsh maritime environments, with enhanced sealing and a clear focus on maintainability. Our aim was to achieve customer driven needs while maintaining the superior analytical performance of our technology.
RAPIDplus (mod 4) is the first stand-off detector especially designed for maritime environments. The system has been extensively tested against the pertinent military and environmental standards associated with a corrosive environment and has succesfully demonstrated its superior capabilities in this challenging application.
“The RAPIDplus (mod 4) is the first chemical stand-off detector designed for maritime applications including the navy, coast guard, port security, and more. We are convinced that the combination of proven Bruker stand-off technology tailored for this application will provide the same high level of reliability, performance and protection that is expected by all of our customers across the globe.” said Dr.-Ing. Armin Gembus, Vice President Business Area Gas Raman and Trace Detection.

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