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Epsilor to Showcase Its Range of COMBATT 6T Li-Ion Batteries for Defence Vehicles and Robots at DSEI 2021
Epsilor,chargers and tactical power systems, will present its range of  COMBATT 6T Li-Ion Batteries for defence vehicles and robots at the DSEI Exhibition, which will take place in London on September 14–17, 2021.
Epsilor’s COMBATT 6T Li-Ion vehicle battery product range, which offers the highest energy density across the 6T category, contains 35 percent more energy than its closest competitor. The product line offers more than 3,000 deep charge cycles in the Li-Ion LFP category and more than 1,000 deep charge cycles in the Li-Ion NCA category, enabling the batteries to operate for seven to ten years with no need for maintenance or replacement.
The COMBATT battery line complies with the safety and performance requirements of the new British DEF-STAN 61-021specification for 6T batteries, as well as with the requirements of the US Army MIL-PRF-32565B.
COMBATT 6T batteries have been tested by the British Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, which evaluated them for the upcoming armoured vehicle programs of the British MoD, such as the Boxer MIV, the Ajax AFV and the Challenger 3 MBT.
Tested on a Challenger 2, COMBATT 6T proved to offer the highest energy density among all test participants, offering a silent watch of more than six hours, significantly more than the second-best battery.
Epsilor’s 6T product line has been selected, purchased and field tested by more than 12 customers all over the world. The batteries are installed on some of the most prestigious platforms of leading global vehicle manufacturers.
“The British Army is in the midst of a fundamental technological change, introducing new fully digital weapon systems, armoured vehicles, robots and soldier equipment,” said Epsilor president Ronen Badichi. “All these programs present a growing demand for energy, which we are addressing with our advanced batteries and chargers.”
Epsilor will also present at the exhibition its full line of advanced custom and smart lithium batteries for a wide range of tactical uses such as radio and electro optical equipment, which are already in use by several NATO armies, including those of France, Italy, Canada, Germany and Poland.
Booth H2-900, at DSEI 2021

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