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DSEi News: Mine countermeasures vessel (MCM) today, humanitarian aid vessel tomorrow!
New cutting-edge equipment solution allows naval vessels to change purpose in less than a day – without costly rebuilding between missions.
Modern naval vessels must be capable of carrying out different missions and roles both in peacetime and in wartime. Reconfiguring vessels for new missions can be both costly and time consuming. That is why SH Defence developed The Cube™. 
The Cube™ is a flexible and cost-efficient solution consisting of modular equipment that enables reconfiguration of vessels in less than 4 hours. All you need to do is unload the Cube™ modules that are no longer required and load the modules that support the vessel’s next mission. 
“Traditionally naval vessels are built to serve one single purpose. But a fleet consisting of fixed-purpose vessels is both inflexible and extremely costly to operate and maintain in today’s world. We are changing that course by making it fast and easy to exchange equipment of any vessel and thereby making it multi-functional. Vessels prepared for The Cube™ can carry out any mission”, explains René Bertelsen, CEO of SH Defence. 
The Cube™ is a system developed by SH Defence to reduce the cost and time required to reconfigure multipurpose naval vessels to new missions.
The idea is that mission equipment is installed in the Cube™. Cubes are standard 20’ and 40’ high-cube container units that are provided with the necessary connections (compressed air, clean air, water, power, communications etc.) to provide a plug-and-play system that fits in any Cube™-ready mission bay.
For a mission bay to be Cube™-ready it must be provided with a standard connection cabinet CubedIn™, fully automatic twist-lock system, dedicated tracks and pockets for Mobile Cube™ loaders and hydraulic jacks.
The system is mainly intended for new-built navy vessels, but can also be included in a retrofit.
When you have your Cube™-ready mission bays in place, there is no limit to the equipment that can be transformed into a Cube™, so your vessel truly becomes a multi-mission vessel that can be reconfigured in just hours.
The flex frame, base frame and engineered frame offer a plug-and-play solution for equipment of almost any kind. So far, we have identified 120+ mission modules, but with this system, the sky is the limit! 

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