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DSEi News: VITEC has launched FITIS (Fully Integrated Tactical IPTV System) 8.1.1, a rapidly-deployed, end-to-end Full Motion Video solution.

This latest version brings major enhancements to video dissemination software for operations such as Signals and ISR. Enabling full Multicast IP Video to the edge, combined with KLV meta data analysis, FITIS can be deployed on any software browser using HTML5 technology.  
“Our latest FITIS update adds considerable improvements and will integrate easily into any military environment, making it simpler than ever to process, archive, index, manage and disseminate tactical ISR video and metadata content.”, says Mark Rushton, Business Development Director, VITEC. “FITIS enables government and military entities to quickly process and exploit live and recorded video assets to create actionable, real-time intelligence. This in turn allows those in charge to make complex mission critical decisions in the most informed way possible.”
The FITIS software can handle unlimited users and video streams, whilst security profiles enable only those authorised to view content can do so.  The system also allows for real time logging of comments, searching, clipping and recording of video – both local and remote.
FITIS is enabled on many platforms, from full command and control centres to in theatre operations as a ruggedized platform. The system can also support video wall, digital signage, mosaic view and screen display options, allowing it to expand depending on requirements. 
Supporting up to full 4K resolution and HEVC (H.265) and AVC (H.264) codecs, the MISB and STANAG 4609 compliant software, the solution can support dissemination of video both on LAN, WAN and share files with coalition partners.

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